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A gold mine for your functions.php file

If you have played with WordPress themes in the past, you know that there are many tutorials sites all around the web gathering and proposing small functions to insert into your theme to make it better/harder/faster/stronger… Here is the new kid on the block: WPfunction.me Careful though: it is sometimes better to create a small […]

A Multisite local environment with subdomains

If you use WordPress multisite locally, you know how painful it can be to add a new entry to your Hosts file every time you start working on a new project. That’s why I chose to work with subdirectories instead of subdomains when I work locally. Luckily, Konstantin came up with a simple code snippet […]

Discover the WordPress settings API

Theme options pages have become increasingly popular in WordPress themes in the past year. There are numerous tutorials that will teach you how to create that page, but not that many of them that explain you how to do it the right way, using the WordPress settings API. Chip Bennett, member of the theme review team, […]

How to: exclude Categories from your RSS Feed

WPvibe proposes a quick way to exclude categories from your RSS feed, and thus display them only on your site, and not for your RSS subscribers. Careful though, if you use Feedburner, this modification will apply only to your WordPress feed (http://mywordpresssite.com/feed/) How to Exclude Categories from your RSS Feed.