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Today in WordPress world – 23/02

Enhance Your WordPress Post Thumbnails in 5 Minutes Using CSS – woorkup.com Another tutorial about the_post_thumbnail, the new WordPress function introduced with WP 2.9. This time, Jason Schuller shows us how to give a bit of eye candy to these thumbnails!

WordPress 2.9 is out!

Just for the week end, and right before Christmas, Automattic makes us a great present, with the release of WordPress 2.9! We have been talking about 2.9 for a while now, if you followed that blog, you got to know some of the new features that will come with that release, but here is a […]

Today in WordPress world – 16/11

Everything you need to know about WordPress 2.9’s post image feature You may have heard a bit of news about a new thumbnail feature for themes coming to WordPress 2.9.In this tutorial, Justin Tadlock is covering the various things you can do with the post image feature. Some things will be specific to end users […]

Today in WordPress world – 14/10

WordPress Debug Theme – Yoast Sometimes you need to see what’s wrong with a WordPress install, and you need to see it fast. Yoast combined lots of useful functions into a WordPress Debug Theme, that will come in handy when you will be in need of a quick debug! New feature in WordPress 2.9 – […]