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WordPress 3.1 is here, go download it!

It was announced a few hours ago, WordPress 3.1, codename “Reinhardt”, is finally out. After a long period of beta versions and Release Candidates, the core team has solved all the remaining bugs and 3.1 is ready. Tons of new features will be included in that new release. I have presented you will all of […]

Discover the WordPress settings API

Theme options pages have become increasingly popular in WordPress themes in the past year. There are numerous tutorials that will teach you how to create that page, but not that many of them that explain you how to do it the right way, using the WordPress settings API. Chip Bennett, member of the theme review team, […]

Post Formats – a clear explanation

If you have been following the development WordPress 3.1, you know that the new Post formats feature has been subject to numerous debates. Today, Andrew Nacin clears out the situation with a detailed explanation. Thank you Andrew, for once nobody will #blamenacin On standardized post formats

How To Remove WordPress Admin Bar

With the upcoming release of WordPress 3.1, a new feature will be added to WordPress, for admins to be able to edit and interact with their site directly from the front-end. This admin bar will be placed at the top of the website, and will provide quick links to the admin menus directly from the […]