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Today in WordPress world – 23/02

Enhance Your WordPress Post Thumbnails in 5 Minutes Using CSS – woorkup.com Another tutorial about the_post_thumbnail, the new WordPress function introduced with WP 2.9. This time, Jason Schuller shows us how to give a bit of eye candy to these thumbnails!

Today in WordPress world – 13/11

40 Free High-Quality WordPress Themes | Smashing Magazine High quality free WordPress Themes have become harder and harder to find in the past year, but smashing Magazine built up a great list of some of the best free WordPress themes nowadays! (tags: wordpress design theme list)

Today in WordPress world – 03/11

WordPress Visual Cheat Sheet – woorkup.com This cheat sheet (5 pages) contains the full reference guide to WP Template Tags with detailed descriptions and sample code. WordPress: Output Clean and Valid HTML Code Here is a little function which automatically filters the content coming from the post. The results are amazing, htmLawed cleans and filters […]

Today in WordPress world – 22/10

The Designer’s Studio: An Interview with Seven Premium WordPress Theme Designers 7 Premium WordPress Theme Designers give their ideas, sources of inspiration, idols, views of the future of WordPress. A really interesting artic

Today in WordPress world – 06/10

WordPress Theme Design Tip with Options Adminstration | AEXT.NET WordPress offers you get_option() function to get the options of your wordpress. This tutorial will help you create options and administrate them in wordpress admin page. 10+ WordPress plugins for developers 10 useful plugins for every WordPress developers and WordPress code addicts! Some of those are […]

Today in WordPress world – 01/10

WordPress news PremiumThemes.net is going GPL | PremiumThemes.net From today, all current and future products at PremiumThemes.net will be embracing GPL. That’s another Premium theme marketplace turning to GPL! WooThemes |  We Love Boobs It’s undeniable that all of us have important women in our lives, without whom life just wouldn’t be as awesomeDuring the month […]

Today in WordPress world – 18/09

300+ Resources to Help You Become a WordPress Expert | Webdesigner Depot This post gathers more than 300 resources to help you master WordPress no matter what your skill level is. Everything from premium and free themes to plugins to WP hacks and everything in between is included.I am just a bit sad WereWP is […]