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A gold mine for your functions.php file

If you have played with WordPress themes in the past, you know that there are many tutorials sites all around the web gathering and proposing small functions to insert into your theme to make it better/harder/faster/stronger… Here is the new kid on the block: WPfunction.me Careful though: it is sometimes better to create a small […]

A new take on Sidebar management: save widgets as menus

If you experiment with themes, or switch themes often, you’ve probably experimented problems with widgets: you had lots of them in your sidebar, and they all get dragged into the “inactive” zone of your Widgets page. And you have to drag them back to your new widget area. Painful, especially when you have a lot […]

Using post formats? You need this new plugin!

If you have played with WordPress post formats, you know that they can be really powerful, but that so far the Edit panel interface does not provide any special tools depending on which post format you selected. But Alex King and his team have now released a plugin that creates a great Post formats UI. […]

Preview all new features of WordPress 3.3

If you wish to have a look at the upcoming features that will be included into the next major WordPress release, Andrew Nacin walked through all new functionnalities in the following video. I am not sure which feature I prefer so far: there are so many new cool things coming up! The pointers, the new […]

Wp Paintbrush, a free WordPress Frontend Editor

If you are looking for an easy way to create themes on the fly, without touching any code, you might want to try this new WordPress theme, WP Paintbrush. Changes colors, fonts, structure within a few clicks and with a drag an drop interface, add a sidebar, all of this is possible thanks to this […]