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Using post formats? You need this new plugin!

If you have played with WordPress post formats, you know that they can be really powerful, but that so far the Edit panel interface does not provide any special tools depending on which post format you selected. But Alex King and his team have now released a plugin that creates a great Post formats UI. […]

WordPress 3.1 is here, go download it!

It was announced a few hours ago, WordPress 3.1, codename “Reinhardt”, is finally out. After a long period of beta versions and Release Candidates, the core team has solved all the remaining bugs and 3.1 is ready. Tons of new features will be included in that new release. I have presented you will all of […]

Post Formats – a clear explanation

If you have been following the development WordPress 3.1, you know that the new Post formats feature has been subject to numerous debates. Today, Andrew Nacin clears out the situation with a detailed explanation. Thank you Andrew, for once nobody will #blamenacin On standardized post formats