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SEO plugin, by the Mr SEO of WordPress

Joost de Valk has contributed a lot to WP: if you are running a WordPress blog, chances are high that you run at least one of his plugins. Today, you can get the chance to test a SEO plugin, still in Beta but with lots of impressive features already! Basically the plugin will gather already […]

Today in WordPress world – 26/08

SEO Data Transporter – A Plugin For WordPress Another greta plugin by Nathan Rice – you can now transfer your SEO settings from one theme / plugin to another, and thus not having any compatibility issues and transfer issues when you get bored or decide to switch to an new theme. Thank you Nathan !

Are RSS and page rank linked?

The now famous RSS logo has spread all over Internet since its creation in 2005 and globally since the beginning of the Web 2.0 wave. While some propose you solutions in order to gain RSS subscribers, I would like to raise your attention on a different aspect of RSS feed: its effect on Pagerank.

Do not forget the robots!

  The robots.txt file is used to allow or block crawling by search engine bots on your website. When you install your WordPress blog this file is not created by default. However it has a real importance for the Page ranking further on. Here are a few tricks for WordPress users.