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WP App Store has launched

Until recently, promoting Premium plugins was not an easy task. While new theme shops appear every month, paid plugin services are not so common. Things might change though: a new service was launched today, called WP App Store.

Peaxl, a new marketplace for Parent & Child WordPress themes

If you were looking for something new, and wanted to play with parent and child themes in WordPress, you will be happy to know that a new player has arrived in the WordPress themes market: Peaxl is a Swiss-based team composed of 3 web-designers, and they have chosen to approach the WordPress theme selling market […]

Wp Paintbrush, a free WordPress Frontend Editor

If you are looking for an easy way to create themes on the fly, without touching any code, you might want to try this new WordPress theme, WP Paintbrush. Changes colors, fonts, structure within a few clicks and with a drag an drop interface, add a sidebar, all of this is possible thanks to this […]

Discover the WordPress settings API

Theme options pages have become increasingly popular in WordPress themes in the past year. There are numerous tutorials that will teach you how to create that page, but not that many of them that explain you how to do it the right way, using the WordPress settings API. Chip Bennett, member of the theme review team, […]

Introducing Ecommerce Plex, a new WP marketplace

Templatic has been a good source for WordPress themes in the past year, and has grown as a respected marketplace in the community. Today, they get bigger and announce a new fork of their company, dedicated to e-commerce. And to support them in the development of their themes, they introduced Tung Do, aka Small Potato, […]

Theme Finder: browse WordPress themes easily

WpCandy introduced a nice new project yesterday: a list of themes displayed visually for you to browse and choose without having to google and search through hundreds of websites. A great idea, worth having a look! Introducing Theme Finder: find WordPress themes visually | WPCandy.

Useful tool for all WordPress coders: the CSS Parser

The WordPress CSS coding standards request that CSS used in themes and plugins comply to a specific format. By entering your CSS into the form and clicking the “Format CSS” button, you can have it automagically converted to match most of the WordPress coding standards format. A great tool that everyone should use before to […]