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Today in WordPress world – 03/11

WordPress Visual Cheat Sheet – woorkup.com This cheat sheet (5 pages) contains the full reference guide to WP Template Tags with detailed descriptions and sample code. WordPress: Output Clean and Valid HTML Code Here is a little function which automatically filters the content coming from the post. The results are amazing, htmLawed cleans and filters […]

Today in WordPress world – 13/07

WordPress For Dummies: Optimizing WordPress Settings | Weblog Tools Collection A good list of what everyone should do when starting up a new WordPress blog. These are essential steps in my opinion!

Today in WordPress world – 10/07

Multiple WordPress Loops Explained A good tutorial to help you build multiple loops on one WordPress page. It can really be useful sometimes! Ecommerce WordPress Themes – Shop WordPress Themes – Marketplace WP Themes | WordPress Jedi Here is a selection of 10 great WordPress themes if you plan on using WordPress for your e-commerce […]

Today in WordPress world – 30/06

The WordPress Theme Single Post, Post Attachment, & 404 Templates Another episoe of themeshaper’s tutorial series. Today we continzue to create theme files, such as single post, attachment and 404 php files. WordPress Configuration Tricks Some great tips to get the most out of your wp-config file! 10 Places to Download Awesome WordPress Themes A great […]

Today in WordPress world – 10/06

WordPress: How to get custom fields outside the loop A useful trick to make a great use of custom fields outside of the loop, in your sidebar for example! (tags: WordPress tips) How To Redirect a Page Using Custom Fields in WordPress — Nathan Rice Quick tip that will allow you to insert an internal […]

Today in WordPress world – 08/06

WordPress page template to redirect to first child page If you are using pages to manage the navigation on your website, you may be interested in this recipe! (tags: WordPress tutorial) Checklist For New WordPress Installation | Weblog Tools Collection Before to install a new WordPress blog, here are a few tips to help you […]