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How to: exclude Categories from your RSS Feed

WPvibe proposes a quick way to exclude categories from your RSS feed, and thus display them only on your site, and not for your RSS subscribers. Careful though, if you use Feedburner, this modification will apply only to your WordPress feed (http://mywordpresssite.com/feed/) How to Exclude Categories from your RSS Feed.

Let’s update those sidebars

As usual, Jutin Tadlock produces great tutorials to explain us how to use WordPress functions properly. Today, it is about how to register and use your sidebars: there is a simple way to register and include different sidebars into your theme, much better than what you can find in numerous WordPress themes today. Head over […]

How To Remove WordPress Admin Bar

With the upcoming release of WordPress 3.1, a new feature will be added to WordPress, for admins to be able to edit and interact with their site directly from the front-end. This admin bar will be placed at the top of the website, and will provide quick links to the admin menus directly from the […]

Custom Tweet Button for WordPress

Earlier on this blog, we have seen how to add a twitter dialog box on your blog. This was achieved using the @anywhere library from Twitter. In this article, Nicolas Gallagher shows us how to integrate a Twitter tweet button, with the very same features that the official button has, plus some more! If you […]