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Custom Tweet Button for WordPress

Earlier on this blog, we have seen how to add a twitter dialog box on your blog. This was achieved using the @anywhere library from Twitter. In this article, Nicolas Gallagher shows us how to integrate a Twitter tweet button, with the very same features that the official button has, plus some more! If you […]

Today in WordPress world – 25/08

TL Tweets – Free WordPress Tweet Archive Theme | Theme Lab This is a free tweet archive theme for WordPress, if you want to back up your tweets and display them on your site, or on a subdomain of your site. (tags: wordpress theme twitter)

Today in WordPress world – 22/04

Introducing Retweet Anywhere for WordPress A great plugin for all twitter lovers out there, and for all people using social bookmarks on their websites. Indeed, you can now tweet directly from your blog, and your users can tweet using the twitter application you’ve created! Make sure you try it out! Shortlinks with WordPress 3.0 – […]

Today in WordPress world – 01/10

WordPress news PremiumThemes.net is going GPL | PremiumThemes.net From today, all current and future products at PremiumThemes.net will be embracing GPL. That’s another Premium theme marketplace turning to GPL! WooThemes |  We Love Boobs It’s undeniable that all of us have important women in our lives, without whom life just wouldn’t be as awesomeDuring the month […]

Today in WordPress world – 31/07

Donate Friday Those of you who use twitter have heard of #followfriday. Donate Friday takes the idea and applies it to WordPress plugin authors and theme developres. Every Friday, pick up a WordPress contributor you love, and support him by donating (even a small amount of money!). Then tweet about it with the hashtag #donatefriday! […]

Today in WordPress world – 24/07

WordPress › Twitter Followers « WordPress Plugins A nice plugin that will allow to add two types of widgets to your blog: A list of your followers, and a list of who you follow. In the Woods – 10 Wonderful WordPress Templates That are Setting Trends A nice selection of 10 great WordPress themes.