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WP App Store has launched

Until recently, promoting Premium plugins was not an easy task. While new theme shops appear every month, paid plugin services are not so common. Things might change though: a new service was launched today, called WP App Store.

Today in WordPress world – 24/02

WordPress › Blog » Menus, the Merge, and a Patch Sprint! Word has spread in the WordPress community since last week, and now comes the official announcement: Woo menus from Woothemes will be part of WordPress core. That’s a great benefit for every WordPress user, and it shows that there is no wall between WordPress […]

Today in WordPress world – 12/02

Woo To Power Menu Management In WP 3.0 the Woothemes team has been a major player in the premium theme Market for mote than a year. They have shown us how great their skills were, and they have trully made some innovation in their themes. And today, one of their latest developments will be patched […]

Today in WordPress world – 01/10

WordPress news PremiumThemes.net is going GPL | PremiumThemes.net From today, all current and future products at PremiumThemes.net will be embracing GPL. That’s another Premium theme marketplace turning to GPL! WooThemes |  We Love Boobs It’s undeniable that all of us have important women in our lives, without whom life just wouldn’t be as awesomeDuring the month […]